Purchased debt

Sell overdue receivables to us on a one-off basis or with a continuous agreement. We mainly buy consumer receivables.

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Managing overdue invoices always requires capital and resources. By selling receivables to us, you free up capital for developing your core business and streamline the receivables’ management process. The improved liquidity has an immediate positive effect on the result, while significantly reducing the risk of unforeseen credit losses.

We buy undisputed receivables portfolios of various sizes. We are a professional partner throughout the entire purchase process. Our analysis team has solid knowledge and extensive experience in acquiring and managing portfolios. We utilize automated processes, artificial intelligence and machine learning that enable fast and smooth processes for data analysis, portfolio transfer and collection monitoring. Standardized procedures and modern systems also guarantee a seamless transfer of receivables to the new creditor.

The purchase debt service is most often implemented with a one-off basis or with a continuous agreement.

At Kredinor, the core is always a humane and flexible customer service. We strive to handle assignments in a solution-oriented manner and always taking the end customer’s situation into account. Our team is here to help your customers make it.

Purchased Debt services

  • Single portfolio purchase (One-Off). We purchase one individual portfolio when you want to sell it.
  • Continuous portfolio purchase (Forward Flow). Mostly the debts are purchased monthly. We agree flexibly together what is included: all the receivables or part of them. You decide at which stage of the process the receivables are sold.
  • Collection combined with purchased debt. We agree together a process to manage the receivables, starting with the collection. After the collection phase you can sell us the rest of the receivables, still being open, for example before the legal collection is about to start.

Are you considering selling your receivables? Ensure the optimal price for your portfolio and invite us to your sales process.

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