The power of purpose

One year ago, I joined Kredinor as CEO. Looking back, I am very impressed with what we have achieved. What strikes me the most is the power of purpose.

We know that the only way to make change happen is to do something differently. Albert Einstein allegedly put it this way; “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This insight is obvious, but frequently overlooked.

Kredinor and Modhi merged six months ago, on the 1st of October. One of our key priorities has been our leadership development program. In this program, we mix leaders from the former organizations, across functions and markets. We are doing this to inspire our leaders to develop both personally and professionally. But equally important, we want to establish new ways, a common language, and to make sure that everyone understands our strategy and where we are going.

At Kredinor, “How” is as important as “What”. “How” is about values and behaviours.

Through a deeper understanding of preferences and who we are as individuals, we also work better as teams. “What” is about our strategy and targets. Through Objectives and Key Results, we can execute on our plans and deliver on our ambitions.

But even more importantly: All our leaders need to understand and hopefully buy in on “Why”. To be able to answer the question “Why”, we need to go to the core, to our purpose.

We know from research that cognitive dissonance is a mental conflict that occurs when your beliefs don’t line up with your actions. In organizations, we far too often see a disconnect between strategy and execution. This cognitive dissonance leads to low engagement and little traction.

I believe that a clear purpose and passion go hand in hand and that passion is a strength that is grossly undervalued. I also believe that purpose is the fuel that drives passion. If we can use our purpose to inspire colleagues and trigger the passion, we have come a long way. Lining up values, attitudes and perspectives is the way to reduce cognitive dissonance, stress and friction.

The combination of purpose and passion is the key to unlocking the potential of an organization.

And that is why I was so happy when I met some of our leaders in the Kredinor Leadership Development Program last week. Through workshops and discussions, it became very clear that after just a few months our leaders understand what we are doing and why – our purpose.

The ideas that we discussed were firmly rooted in our purpose of helping our customers make it through tough times. We don’t add to the burden, and we look for holistic solutions to deal with the problems, not only solving individual cases. Our promise is to always have the best interests of our customers in mind.

Last year was transformative for Kredinor. But we have only just started. We are excited about the opportunities and look forward to keeping you posted!

We help you make it!


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